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home automation

Today’s Smart technology can give you unprecedented control over all the devices in your home. From cooking to lighting and from communicating to heating and cooling, the automated conveniences that are available to modern homeowners can turn your home into a space age marvel. No matter which home automation technology you choose, our electrical wiring specialists can bring the ease of setting it and forgetting it or accessing and controlling it remotely to your everyday life. If you’ve always wished your home systems were easier to control, let the experts at James A. Stone Electric turn that wish into reality.

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building improvements

We offer electrical upgrades of 1 amp and above. Our single phase upgrades make it possible for residential customers and smaller companies to handle all their power needs. Our 3 phase power upgrades bring larger businesses, industrial and manufacturing companies, and data centers the power they need to keep all their systems running safely, efficiently and at minimal cost.

Other building improvements we offer include HVAC wiring installation, central vacuum system design and placement and building code compliance. Our electricians understand what’s required to bring your building’s electrical system up to code. If improper work was done in the past, you can trust our electrical specialists to properly repair the system, correcting the violations and meeting current electrical wiring standards. Our work will make you compliant with the law while keeping you safer.

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landscape lighting

At James A. Stone Electric, we offer a variety of landscape lighting installation services to make the exterior of your home or business premises safer and more secure. Floodlights and path, tree and garden lighting can help prevent accidents at night while also discouraging intruders and keeping both the contents and the occupants of the building safer. In addition, services such as our pond and pool lighting installations, deck and patio lighting and electrical outlet installation can help increase your enjoyment of your property, making it easier to entertain your guests or spend time outside with your family in summer.

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Your family’s safety is an important consideration that should be planned with care. And we are here to help. From hardwired smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors to complete fire alarm systems, the specialists at James A. Stone Electric can help get the systems in place that will alert you of danger in the event of fire or CO leakage. These systems can help give you the critical time you need to save lives and property. We also install GCFI electrical outlets that are designed for wet locations such as bathrooms, as well as arc-fault circuits that help your building meet current codes. Both systems are designed to serve as fire-prevention strategies.

Our electricians also install and service a variety of generators, including standby and portable units and battery back-up systems.

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